Dining at Taj Tristar Hotel

Hyderabad’s oldest and evergreen breakfast place, here’s where happy mornings are made. The restaurants at Taj Tristar Hotel in Secunderabad have welcomed generations of epicureans who love our South Indian delicacies.

Taj Tri Star Hotel Dakshina Mandapa 01

Dakshina Mandapa

Remember when every lunch and dinner used to be a lavish and leisurely celebration in itself? Dakshina Mandapa is where that era of fine dining still thrives in a timeless fashion.

Eating here means, you get to enjoy a celebratory ambience – of lavish interiors, rich wood, brass artefacts and silk upholstery – reminiscent of the famed mahogany and teak wooden temples of Dakshina Karnataka.

Come, choose from the best of a buffet spread of vegetarian South Indian, North Indian and Chinese delicacies.

Open: For Lunch & Dinner

Taj Tri Star Hotel Dakshina Mandapa 02

Flavors of TMH

Taj Tristar is happy to announce the touchdown at Secunderabad of Flavors of TMH, our stupendously successful and much-feted a-la-carte restaurant from TMH Jubilee Hills.

Flavors of TMH is one of its kind, an a-la-carte restaurant that offers the best of Indian and world cuisines.

A choice destination for every demanding food lover. Its lip-smacking wares imbibe the inimitable flavor of TMH’s kitchens, and richly redolent with a signature taste, and essence found nowhere else in the Twin Cities.

Open: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm